P1-AR660_Nigeri_G_20090918150937Blessing is set in Port Harcourt, the oil capital of Nigeria. It follows the journey of a young village woman named Blessing and her boyfriend, Ebi. To raise money to save their ill child, Blessing and Ebi try to kidnap an American oil worker for ransom. But oil, like desire, is both a blessing and a curse, and soon everyone’s life is at risk.

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This small but powerful drama script packs a powerful punch. The writers weave a story that is emotional, compelling, and satisfying on many levels. We are being offered a glimpse into a world that is new and exciting and dangerous and mysterious all at once, and it is captivating.

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My father and brother were pioneers in solar power and their work was explored in my film, The Self-Made Man. After my father's death, I wanted to make a film about energy. My research lead me to Nigeria, Africa's oil powerhouse. I've made five trips to Nigeria, where Niger Delta residents and ex-pat oil workers helped me write Blessing.

Susan Stern